Photoshop: Go under the Edit menu and choose Color Settings.

This brings up the Color Settings dialog

One of the benefits of choosing North America Prepress 2 is that it turns on warnings (for example, it looks for a profile mismatch) and gives you the opportunity to fix it. For example, if you set your camera to shoot in Adobe RGB 1998, and Photoshop is set that same way too, they match, so it's smooth sail-ingno warnings appear. However, if you open a photo you took six months ago, it will probably be in sRGB, and that doesn't match your Photoshop workspace (it's a mismatch). So, I recommend that you reopen the Color Settings dialog, go under Color Management Policies, and change your default setting (from the RGB pop-up menu) to Convert to Working RGB. Then, for Profile Mismatches, turn off the Ask When Opening checkbox. That way, your old photos will automatically update to match your current working space when you re-open them in Photoshop.

Okay, so what if a friend emails you a photo, you open it in Photoshop, and the photo doesn't have any color profile at all? Well, once that photo is open in Photoshop CS2, you can convert that "untagged" image to Adobe RGB (1998) by going under the Edit menu and choosing Assign Profile. When the Assign Profile dialog appears, click on the Profile radio button, ensure Adobe RGB (1998) is selected in the pop-up menu, and then click OK.

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